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TrAMS Fund Source List

FTA has updated the active fund source list in TrAMS for FY 2019. We consolidated and hid outdated fund source descriptions that are visible when recipients create application budget activity line items (ALI).  In FY 2018, FTA made changes to make the fund source descriptions more concise and to flag sources that would be phased out (e.g. a source starting with a “Z/”). Please refer to the file which includes a crosswalk of changes made between FY 2017 to 2018; and for FY 2019. We have also prepared a Fund Source Guidance document to provide a more detailed explanation about the changes to the fund source descriptions. The Fund Source Description associated with your application and awards is based on the date you created your original application.  You can find the Date Created in Part 2 of the Application View Print. For more information and an example, please refer to the guidance document.

The FY 2019 changes include:

  1. A total of 23 fund sources were hidden and are no longer selectable for new applications. This applies to applications created as of: October 13, 2018. The file can be filtered to only display the active fund sources by filtering out the sources “Hidden, Active for Prior Awards” which are identified in grey.
  2. Two minor label changes to better reflect the program nuances for Section 5305 Planning funds; the changed label will be visible for new applications created as of: October 13, 2018.
  3. A single new dropdown was created for Section 5309 funding labeled: 5309 - Capital Investment Grants (CIG). This consolidates and replaces the hidden Section 5309 sources. The new CIG source is applicable for applications created as of: October 19, 2018.

Note: If you have an application underway, you do NOT need to start a new application to address the identified changes. The FY 2019 changes do NOT impact active awards, amendments or applications in development prior to October 13, 2018. For more information see the provided guidance document.

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