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TEAM to TrAMS Transition Information

Moving from TEAM to TrAMS

The below highlights some of the most frequent questions. You can explore more in our TrAMS FAQs.

General TrAMS Access

All active user accounts in TEAM will have access to TrAMS. You do not have to resubmit a user access form to gain access to TrAMS. FTA will crosswalk the functions you have in TEAM to an equivalent role in TrAMS. Your User Manager for TrAMS can make adjustments once TrAMS is open.

All Recipients with a Vendor ID (a unique 4 digit number) will be retained in TrAMS. This means any recipient who previously applied for funds via TEAM but may currently be inactive, may be reactivated later in TrAMS.

What information from TEAM will be migrated to TrAMS

  • Your profile information will be migrated to TrAMS.
  • All awarded grants in TEAM (both active and closed) will be migrated to TrAMS. Note that the view/print of TEAM awards will look different in TrAMS. All TEAM awards will be flagged to differentiate it from a TrAMS award.
  • All attachments existing in TEAM at the point in time of final migration will be migrated over to TrAMS.


Amendments to active TEAM grants migrated into TrAMS will be limited to close out amendments, administrative amendments, zero dollar amendments, and amendments to add funds in limited circumstances, such as, existing Full Funding Grant Agreements. Please review the TrAMS FAQs for additional guidance or contact your FTA representative before taking action in TrAMS.

Budget Revisions

Budget Revisions may be made to active TEAM grants migrated to TrAMS consistent with FTA’s Circular 5010. Additional guidance is forthcoming.

5 Easy Actions to Prepare for TrAMS

  • Identify your User Manager (learn more about User Manager)
  • Review your points of contact information, add or update information and delete any old information.
  • Review your information at, the system for award management. Update any old information. Stay in “Active” status. Know who in your organization is responsible for maintaining SAM related information.
  • Evaluate your grant awards to determine if you have any old awards with small amounts of funding that could be spent down. Close out grants where possible.
  • Continue to add new TEAM users as necessary and also delete any defunct users.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 28, 2015