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Frequently Asked Questions About Establishing a User Manager

I have uploaded into TEAM my NTD user manager letter; do I need to complete another letter authorizing me to be the TrAMS User Manager as well? Or do we only need 1 letter?

Yes. You may need a second letter (1) If you have already uploaded a letter to identify an NTD manager, but did not include and specify a TrAMS User Manager, then Yes, you will need to provide a second letter to specifically identify a TrAMS User Manager. (2) If you have not yet identified an NTD User Manager, you can upload a single letter but clearly specify both your NTD and your TrAMS User Managers in both the letter and in TEAM. In both cases this may be the same individual or separate individuals.

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If we need to change the User Manager, will we need to fill out the designation form again, have it signed?

Yes. A new form is required for a new User Manager (signed etc…).

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If we don’t designate a User Manager now, will that prevent an agency from starting to prepare applications in TrAMS?

No. All existing TEAM users will be migrated over and you will have immediate access regardless if you have a User Manager identified. However, if any new roles need to be assigned to a user or you have new personnel who need access to TrAMS then you must assign a User Manager to initiate those actions.

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If we don’t designate a User Manager now, can we do that online through TrAMS, once it is live?

Yes. You are not required to designated right now, you may designate a User Manager later once TrAMS is live. If you do not designate a User Manager now, you may submit a request and signed delegation to your Regional LSM who would then establish the User Manager in the TrAMS system. The individual delegated must be an active TEAM user migrated to TrAMS.

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Can we have more than one User Manager?

Yes, it is actually recommended to have a back-up User Manager; you can include the second individual on the same delegation letter.

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Can FTA act as our User Manager? Can the Help Desk assign the role for our proposed User Manager?

No, in both instances.

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Last updated: 1/23/2015