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2012 VTCLI Awards

The following projects were selected for funding under the Fiscal Year 2012 Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative discretionary grant opportunity.

NOTE: Projects designated with a D2012-BUSP number are funded with Section 5309 Bus and Bus Facilities Capital funds, projects designated with a D2011-NATR are funded with Section 5312 National Research Program funds.

State Recipient Project Description Project ID Final Amt.
CA San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Creation of an enhanced transportation information and referral directory, and a free mobile transportation application. Installation of interactive transportation kiosks at military bases, VA facilities & other locations. D2012-BUSP-001 $2,000,000
D2011-NATR-001 $50,000
CA Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Expand existing one-call/one-click center and searchable online transportation database to include veterans, military resources. Introduce a mobility management social network and online collaborative workspace to veteran and military community. D2012-BUSP-002 $2,000,000
D2011-NATR-002 $50,000
CO Colorado Department of Transportation DRMAC will conduct expanded marketing and outreach to veteran and military communities and fund portion of statewide VTCLI manager to coordinate projects in Colorado. D2011-NATR-003 $50,000
CO Colorado Department of Transportation All Points Transit will conduct outreach and marketing for One-Call/One-Click project and fund portion of statewide VTCLI manager to coordinate projects in Colorado. D2011-NATR-004 $14,500
CO Colorado Department of Transportation ACT of Pikes Peak Region will conduct marketing and outreach to military community, medical facilities, VA medical clinics, local VSOs, and fund portion of statewide VTCLI manager to coordinate projects in Colorado. D2011-NATR-005 $50,000
CO Colorado Department of Transportation NWCCOG will build and maintain relationships with key veteran/military partners, perform data validation and fund portion of statewide VTCLI manager to coordinate projects in Colorado. D2011-NATR-006 $50,000
FL City of Tallahassee Conduct multi-lingual outreach & marketing on TV, Radio, print & other promotional materials and conduct a program analysis of One-Call/One-Click project to assess outcomes. D2011-NATR-007 $50,000
FL Jacksonville Transportation Authority Conduct planning, marketing, outreach and training for One-Call/One-Click project. D2011-NATR-008 $50,000
FL Lee County Government Install transportation information kiosks in key locations, install in-vehicle technology to improve real-time information, and conduct a regional study focusing on veterans transportation needs. D2012-BUSP-003 $1,309,200
D2011-NATR-009 $50,000
FL Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization TBARTA will conduct an innovative quality assurance process with customer satisfaction surveys, and one-on-one consultation with One-Call/One-Click users to ensure accurate information. D2011-NATR-010 $50,000
FL Santa Rosa Board of County Commission Purchase scheduling and dispatching software and install AVL/GPS in vehicles for a shuttle service to VA center in adjacent county provided by the Santa Rosa County Veterans Memorial Foundation. D2012-BUSP-004 $222,387
FL St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners Create customer web portal for services, purchase hardware and software for coordinated delivery, including in-vehicle technology, and call taking, as beginning phase of One-Call/One-Click Center. D2012-BUSP-005 $404,000
D2011-NATR-011 $50,000
GA Atlanta Regional Commission Conduct veteran stakeholder outreach and training to raise awareness of the software developed under One-Call/One-Click project and its purpose. D2011-NATR-012 $50,000
GA Georgia Department of Transporation Create a website for existing One-Call Center adding One-Click capability, providing online information, scheduling & cancelling of trips. Conduct public engagement and outreach to large military population in area. D2012-BUSP-006 $160,000
D2011-NATR-013 $50,000
IA Iowa Department of Transportation Conduct a survey of veterans transportation options, then establish a database of services combined with similar databases to create a single statewide comprehensive database. Purchase rideshare matching software to enable more shared trips to common locations. D2012-BUSP-007 $1,461,800
D2011-NATR-014 $50,000
ID Idaho Transportation Department Conduct face-to-face public education workshops about state's FY11 projects in communities where One-Call/One-Click services will operate. D2011-NATR-015 $50,000
IL Illinois Department of Transportation Expand the One-Call/One-Click Center to incorporate additional providers and vehicles with MDTs and other in-vehicle technology. D2012-BUSP-008 $81,778
IN Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority Conduct outreach and marketing to the veterans community for the consolidated transportation resource website. D2011-NATR-016 $20,000
KY Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Build on previous project with additional in-vehicle technology, software and other online infrastructure for coordinated rural transportation providers in the state. Partner with state Veterans Affairs department for a statewide call center. D2012-BUSP-009 $808,421
D2011-NATR-017 $50,000
LA The City of Shreveport Modify maintenance bay in existing transit facility to house an expanded customer call center as new One-Call/One-Click center. Add in-vehicle technology to allow better provision of trip information for customers who call to schedule or check on them. D2012-BUSP-010 $440,000
D2011-NATR-018 $50,000
MA Berkshire Regional Transit Authority Create a One-Call/One-Click transportation center at the downtown transit center and purchase technology to enable coordination and better customer information for demand response service. D2012-BUSP-011 $2,000,000
MA Cape Ann Transportation Authority Purchase hardware, software and in-vehicle technology to improve coordination between 3 providers and enable veterans to make easy transfers to VA-bound services or find other ridesharing options. D2012-BUSP-012 $289,080
MA Metrowest Regional Transit Authority Expand paratransit call-center to include veterans transportation services and promote existing out-of-service-area transportation to VA Medical Centers in Boston. D2012-BUSP-013 $1,024,000
MI Michigan Department of Transportation Michigan Association of United Ways will expand 2-1-1 system into a One-Call/One-Click Center. Build out a statewide database, single high profile website, statewide call routing system, and reporting system. D2012-BUSP-014 $1,420,100
D2011-NATR-019 $50,000
MI City of Livonia Build out call center to allow online information and booking, IVR phone system, in-vehicle technology and software to improve coordination with SMART and Detroit DOT services and connect with SMART's regional veterans website. D2012-BUSP-015 $213,594
D2011-NATR-020 $25,000
MI Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation Area Agency on Aging (AAA) 1B will augment SMART's prior project by Purchasing software to enable transportation resources, which meet needs SMART cannot, to link into the One-Call/One-Click Center and coordinate services crossing into Wayne County where the VAMC is. D2012-BUSP-016 $220,000
MN Minnesota Department of Transportation Expand prior project, a state-hosted One-Call/One-Click center, to cover an additional 33 counties, making it statewide. Connect with existing senior, disability, and veteran resources provided by respective state agencies. D2012-BUSP-017 $536,206
D2011-NATR-021 $50,000
MO Mid-America Regional Council Coordinate with additional regional transportation providers to pull service information into database funded in FY11 VTCLI grant, and conduct marketing and outreach once product is ready for public release. D2011-NATR-022 $49,990
MP Commonwealth Office of Transit Authority Construct building and equip a new One-Call/One-Click center which is being established as Northern Marianas is adding new transportation services to meet need. D2012-BUSP-018 $1,029,600
D2011-NATR-023 $50,000
MT Great Falls Transit Create coordinating software for community transit, veterans, human service and others providers to view ride schedules of all partner agencies and create cross-platform scheduling system. D2012-BUSP-019 $370,000
D2011-NATR-024 $10,500
NC City of Fayetteville Establish a multi-agency website and call center with various transit and military affiliations. D2012-BUSP-020 $31,120
D2011-NATR-025 $15,560
NC North Carolina Department of Transporation Macon Co Transit will join with other transit providers in Southwest NC to create a Transportation Coordination Management Center that will improve service on long distance trips to VA hospitals. D2012-BUSP-021 $459,873
NC North Carolina Department of Transportation Onslow United Transit System will upgrade software to coordinate fixed-route and demand-response/paratransit amongst multiple providers in the Marine Camp Lejeune/Air Station New River area. D2012-BUSP-022 $57,136
ND City of Grand Forks Expand existing state web site and city call center into a full service One-Call/One-Click Center to meet the needs of vets and expand service to the rest of the state. Purchase software for rural providers to enable incorporation into state call center. D2012-BUSP-023 $1,726,120
D2011-NATR-026 $50,000
NE Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area Planning Agency Conduct marketing activities for One-Call/One-Click Center, and add to veteran representatives to permanent transportation coordination and planning advisory groups. D2011-NATR-027 $50,000
NE Transit Authority of the City of Omaha Upgrade technology for paratransit vehicles and operators to improve reservation, payment, identification for customers and integration with Metropolitan Area Planning Agency One-Call/One-Click Center D2012-BUSP-024 $2,000,000
NJ County of Morris Develop a One Click/One Call Transportation Resource Center by enhancing existing scheduling system to link local transit providers and the VA center. D2012-BUSP-025 $543,000
NM Mid-Region Council of Governments Implement the first phase of a comprehensive One-Call/One-Click Center including the development and implementation of web site to provide integrated referrals for transportation partners. D2012-BUSP-026 $282,500
D2011-NATR-028 $50,000
NM New Mexico Department of Transportation Upgrade scheduling software, in-vehicle technology and routing, and regional call center to provide more efficient reservation, scheduling and delivery of rides while incorporating information on veterans/military transportation needs and services. D2012-BUSP-027 $364,000
D2011-NATR-029 $50,000
NV Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada Conduct outreach about Veterans Medical Transportation Network, a community needs survey, update the coordinated plan to include veterans issues, publish a One-Call/One-Click Center user's guide. D2011-NATR-030 $50,000
NY County of Schuyler Conduct outreach to and coordination with Veteran Service Organizations in support of One-Call/One-Click project. D2011-NATR-031 $36,000
OH Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority Upgrade demand-response software to enhance customer interface, including smart phone/mobile app access, and ride reminders. Purchase in-vehicle technology for regional partner providers. D2012-BUSP-028 $450,000
OH Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority Implement One-Call/One-Click design, supported by two County Veterans Commissions, to give veterans and other citizens an all-in-one trip planning tool incorporating multiple service providers. D2012-BUSP-029 $224,400
D2011-NATR-032 $50,000
OH Stark Area Regional Transit Authority Conduct marketing and outreach, including electronic and print materials for One-Call/One-Click project. D2011-NATR-033 $50,000
OH Western Reserve Transit Authority Implement an outreach and education plan for reaching veterans and military families working with VSOs, the VA clinic, the university's vets office, and other partner. D2011-NATR-034 $50,000
OK Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) Supplement prior project by adding in-vehicle technology to additional vehicles, adding customer ride notifications and the completion of a veterans one-call center at the VTS site in Muskogee. D2012-BUSP-030 $460,896
D2011-NATR-035 $50,000
OR Rogue Valley Transportation District Purchase a building to house a one-call/one-click center, brokerage and other regional coordination activities which will incorporate veterans needs and services. D2012-BUSP-031 $1,076,200
D2011-NATR-036 $6,000
OR Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon RideConnection will implement a 3-phase outreach plan for the FY11 VTCLI project, focusing on the TriCounty military community, with planning, training, technical assistance and other services. D2011-NATR-037 $49,643
PA County of Cambria Increase outreach and marketing to new local partners and conduct additional planning to coordinate with PennDOT statewide project. D2011-NATR-038 $50,000
SC South Carolina Department of Transportation Lowcountry COG will conduct 3-phase outreach project with needs analysis of veterans, updated coordination plan and marketing strategy to reach a variety of veterans & veterans groups. D2011-NATR-039 $49,714
SD South Dakota Department of Transportation River Cities Public Transit, together with Prairie Hill Transit, will conduct joint education and outreach campaign of One-Call/One-Click Center projects. D2011-NATR-040 $50,000
SD South Dakota Department of Transportation Prairie Hills Transit, together with River Cities Public Transit, will conduct joint education and outreach campaign of One-Call/One-Click Center projects. D2011-NATR-041 $50,000
TX Alamo Area Council of Governments Create One-Call/One-Click Center using Aging and Disability Resource Center-Bexar County Area Agency on Aging and 211 systems with comprehensive website, IVR call system & customer service center. D2012-BUSP-032 $791,120
D2011-NATR-042 $50,000
TX City of El Paso Sun Metro Create a marketing outreach campaign to support One-Call/One-Click project. D2011-NATR-043 $31,000
TX Dallas Area Rapid Transit Create an open-source software system called North Texas Rides with one-click website, mobile and social applications as well as kiosks located throughout the region integrated with 211 & 511. D2012-BUSP-033 $1,189,800
D2011-NATR-044 $50,000
TX Texas Department of Transportation East Texas COG will create a one-call/one-click center with joint dispatching, inter-operable communications, AVL and GPS systems for multiple coordinating transportation providers. D2012-BUSP-034 $230,992
UT Tooele County Implement a veterans outreach program, coordinated planning and program evaluation supporting One-Call/One-Click project. D2011-NATR-045 $50,000
UT Utah Transit Authority Build a data exchange framework which will allow trips, customers, and other information to be shared across regional transportation providers, including the DAV volunteer transportation network. D2012-BUSP-035 $400,000
D2011-NATR-046 $50,000
VA Culpeper County, Virginia Renovate a section of building and purchase technology to expand and upgrade existing Senior Center to become veteran/transportation one-call/one-click center. D2012-BUSP-036 $122,303
D2011-NATR-047 $50,000
WA Washington State Department of Transportation Hopelink will conduct veterans outreach & marketing to promote the one-click site and use of kiosks being placed prior project. They will also conduct a county-wide needs assessment. D2011-NATR-048 $50,000
WA Washington State Department of Transportation Paratransit Services will hire outreach coordinator to work with VAMCs, Outpatient Clinics and other stakeholders, develop materials about project and train VA staff on transportation info kiosks. D2011-NATR-049 $50,000
WA Washington State Department of Transportation Human Services Council will add in-vehicle technology to more partner providers' vehicles; create a web-based trip request module; and conduct coordination and outreach with veterans, military, and community partners to create an asset map of vet-focused service. D2012-BUSP-037 $172,688
D2011-NATR-050 $50,000
WA Washington State Department of Transportation Pierce County will upgrade web server and website to create true One-Call/One-Click center on the United Way/South Sound 211 system and conduct coordinated plan needs assessment & gap analysis, performance measurement and marketing. D2012-BUSP-038 $27,400
D2011-NATR-051 $50,000
WI Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin, Inc. Conduct outreach, marketing, and perform a study measure outcomes of One-Call/One-Click project. D2011-NATR-052 $50,000

Total Project Funding: