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2011 VTCLI Awards

The following projects were selected for funding under the Fiscal Year 2011 Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative discretionary grant opportunity.

StateProject IDRecipientProject DescriptionAllocation
AKD2011-BUSP-138Municipality of AnchorageCreation of mobile smartphone applications to extend the reach of the existing one-call center.$120,000
CAD2011-BUSP-139Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation AuthorityTechnology upgrades to Southern California 511 system to improve the information accessibility of the area’s transportation services.$2,000,000
CAD2011-BUSP-140OmnitransHardware and software purchase to expand the capacity of the 211 system. Real-time arrival displays at VA hospital and mobile application.$227,240
COD2011-BUSP-141Colorado Department of TransportationAll Points Transit will purchase software upgrades for the existing one-call center to enable scheduling rides for military & veterans service providers.$29,052
COD2011-BUSP-142Colorado Department of TransportationDRMAC will create a one-call/one-click center with an information and assistance function and pilot coordinated reservations and scheduling system.$613,580
COD2011-BUSP-143Colorado Department of TransportationAccessible Cordinated Transportation will upgrade software capabilities for the existing Joint Dispatch and Call Center.$362,500
COD2011-BUSP-144Colorado Department of TransportationNW Colorado COG will create a one-call/one-click center and a regional billing center to enhance veterans travel training program.$321,600
FLD2011-BUSP-145Broward Metropolitan Planning OrganizationUpgrade 211 system to serve as one-call/one-click center, bringing transportation into the employment, housing, food and counseling information system.$539,937
FLD2011-BUSP-146Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX)New customer information system including one-call service integrated with transit website & transportation information kiosks throughout project area.$1,056,800
FLD2011-BUSP-147City of TallahasseeExpand existing transit call center to provide information, transportation and scheduling for veterans, add customer scheduling website.$1,200,000
FLD2011-BUSP-148Jacksonville Transportation AuthorityBuild a one-call/one-click transportation resource center to expand access to the regional scheduling system via the internet and telephone.$1,925,200
FLD2011-BUSP-149Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning OrganizationCreate a one-stop center with online tool, toll-free phone number, interactive voicemail system, mobile applications for real-time information.$1,098,339
FLD2011-BUSP-150Polk County Board of County CommissionersConsolidation of 3 call centers into single one-call center with centralized website and phone number for coordinated delivery of transportation.$1,542,267
GAD2011-BUSP-151Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)Link multiple call centers to centralized database through multi-functional website to improve mobility planning by tracking requests & gaps in service.$419,855
GUD2011-BUSP-152Guam Regional Transit AuthorityCreate a one-call/one-click transportation center for military, veterans and community transportation providers in multi-discipline Disabilities Center.$1,305,000
HID2011-BUSP-153County of Maui Department of TransportationCreate one-call center integrated with Aging & Disability Resource Center; allow multiple providers to streamline eligibility, application & scheduling.$233,129
IDD2011-BUSP-154Idaho Transportation DepartmentCreate searchable resource directory, as well as an automated provider information update system for the state, link to 511 system and build mobile app.$39,600
IDD2011-BUSP-155Idaho Transportation DepartmentImplement a one-call center, incorporate volunteer drivers into coordinated scheduling system; establish reservation system to share trip requests.$284,058
IDD2011-BUSP-156Idaho Transportation DepartmentPurchase base software and hardware for a one-call resource center in Kootenai County.$220,000
ILD2011-BUSP-157Illinois Department of TransportationImplement a statewide one-click website using transportation provider inventory, including local, intercity, rideshare options.$362,000
ILD2011-BUSP-158Lee CountyImplement one-call/one-click center with single information source and scheduling point for 5 existing human service transportation providers.$131,325
IND2011-BUSP-159Central Indiana Regional Transportation AuthorityCombine existing database with regional commuter hotline, website. Incorporate demand-response, senior & VA medical transportation & 3 transit services.$40,000
KYD2011-BUSP-160Kentucky Transportation CabinetPurchase one-call technology for regional community & Medicaid transportation providers. Expand statewide call center with state Dept of Vets Affairs.$797,506
MAD2011-BUSP-161Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART)Expand one-call center to include veterans agencies. Upgrade in-vehicle technology to enable Vets Charlie Cards (electronic fare card).$2,000,000
MDD2011-BUSP-162Maryland Department of TransportationImplement a one-call/one-click center for veterans and their transit needs in rural Eastern Maryland. Purchase of technology & space.$400,000
MDD2011-BUSP-163Maryland Department of TransportationConnect web info system with 211 system, human service & workforce programs. Install transportation info kiosks at military installations, VA facilities.$1,572,116
MID2011-BUSP-164Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART)Purchase technology for same-day scheduling, improve access to web portal and upgrade the phone systems for elderly users and persons with disabilities.$101,776
MND2011-BUSP-165Minnesota Department of TransportationUpgrade existing statewide one-call/one-click center, add info about transportation options, integrate with state's LinkVet program.$1,188,000
MOD2011-BUSP-166Mid-America Regional CouncilImplement an integrated and shared transportation database with public user interface, focusing on information & referral.$160,855
NCD2011-BUSP-167Wake County by and through its Department of Human ServicesUpgrade one-call center system to offer 24-hr availability, create a one-click website that will allow individuals & agencies to schedule trips online.$601,661
NED2011-BUSP-168Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area Planning AgencyExpand and upgrade the existing computer aided scheduling and dispatching system to a region-wide system, adding automated customer phone scheduling.$933,750
NHD2011-BUSP-169Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast TransportationPurchase enhanced web-based coordination software, call–taking hardware & mobile data terminals for vehicles in the coordinated transportation effort.$324,000
NJD2011-BUSP-170New Jersey Transit CorporationImplement a final phase of construction which will expand its existing facility. Purchase in-vehicle technology and increase capacity for veterans needs.$1,463,646
NVD2011-BUSP-171Regional Transportation Commission of Southern NevadaEstablish a communication network between current human service transportation providers.$1,016,864
NYD2011-BUSP-172County of SchuylerImplement a one-call/one-click system to process reservations, integrated with scheduling, routing, and billing and reporting.$93,750
OHD2011-BUSP-173Stark Area Regional Transit AuthorityImprove demand-response system & offer services to veterans; create brokerage to share dispatching between paratransit service & private providers.$336,011
OHD2011-BUSP-174Western Reserve Transit AuthorityExpand existing customer service center into a one-call/one-click center, integrated with a 211 Help Hotline to facilitate inter-agency trip sharing.$732,000
OKD2011-BUSP-175Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG)Create 26-county one-call center coordinating transportation in/around Tulsa & Muskogee VAMC, incorporating urban, rural, tribal, DAV/VA transportation.$607,752
ORD2011-BUSP-176Lane Transit DistrictUpgrade existing one-call center with new scheduling/dispatching software, new telephone systems with interactive voice response & mobile data computers.$1,088,000
ORD2011-BUSP-177Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of OregonExpand one-call center to connect additional transportation resources. Update IT infrastructure to enable coordination with VA transportation.$330,728
PAD2011-BUSP-178County of CambriaImplement county one-call/one-click center in Rural Transit Center, helping coordinate transit, paratransit, and senior transportation.$190,500
PAD2011-BUSP-179Pennsylvania Dept of TransportationCreate a network of four regional one-call centers with websites to bring together individual transportation providers into regional coordinated system.$2,000,000
SCD2011-BUSP-180Lowcountry Council of GovernmentsInstall mobile data terminals in regional transit vehicles to implement automatic vehicle location and create customer portal website.$124,480
SDD2011-BUSP-181South Dakota Department of TransportationRiver Cities Transit will upgrade scheduling and dispatching system, add mobile data terminals to vehicles, as well as create online ride scheduling.$319,200
SDD2011-BUSP-182South Dakota Department of TransportationPrarie Hills Transit will create interactive webpage and database for scheduling trips located in existing regional call center.$183,680
TXD2011-BUSP-183City of El PasoCreate one-call/one-click system by purchasing technology upgrades to better access common transportation resource database; assign and schedule trips.$1,216,318
TXD2011-BUSP-184Corpus Christi Regional Transportation AuthorityExpand the capacity of the Customer Service Center to house regional call center for transportation, human services and community information.$848,480
TXD2011-BUSP-185VIA Metropolitan TransitCreate an information database on transportation program eligibility and availability from all local transportation providers.$148,000
UTD2011-BUSP-186Tooele CountyCreate one-call center to coordinate trips between participating providers. Purchase scheduling/dispatching system & in-vehicle hardware for providers.$177,230
VTD2011-BUSP-187Vermont Agency of TransportationImplement new scheduling/dispatching system to include DAV/VA transportation services. Create website connections for one-click service.$352,900
WAD2011-BUSP-188County of PierceExpand local 211 transportation center to a one-call/one-click center with technology upgrades for center and providers, allowing efficient brokerage.$211,921
WAD2011-BUSP-189Washington State Department of TransportationHopelink will build mobile smart phone application & a one-click website that will connect veterans to community transportation providers.$168,000
WAD2011-BUSP-190Washington State Department of TransportationHuman Service Council will implement one call/one click center to improve compatibility of transportation programs in the region.$130,315
WAD2011-BUSP-191Washington State Department of TransportationParatransit Services will upgrade scheduling software for compatibility with systems at VAMCs & existing non-emergency medical transportation broker.$438,776
WID2011-BUSP-192Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eau Claire CountyCreate two call centers in Western Wisconsin, integrated with ADRC, with a particular focus on the mobility needs of veterans in the area.$292,812