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FTA Library - Reports & Miscellaneous

The following topics are presented in this Library page:

  • Agreements
  • Annual report
  • Appropriations reports  
  • Award or honor
  • Circular
  • Drug & alcohol testing results annual report
  • Funding recommendations 
  • News update
  • Org chart
  • Oversight
  • Policy Letter
  • Presentation
  • Report
  • Reports to Congress 
  • Research publication
  • Testimony
  • Transcript
  • Transit Safety & Security: Statistics & Analysis annual report (formerly SAMIS) 

FTA Library - Reports & Miscellaneous Documents Table
NameTopicPublication DateDescription
Organization ChartOrg Chart12-19-11

FTA contact flow chart.

2011 Tribal Tansit Project Descriptions Table (PDF)Funding Recommendations12-01-11

Tribal Transit Program discretionary projects recommended for funding.

Region I Org Chart (MS Word)Org Chart04-18-11

Region 1: Organization Chart.

Charlotte Risk Assessment Presentation (PowerPoint)Meeting,Presentation03-24-11

Complete breakdown of risks associated with the South Corridor light rail project.

FY 2011 Master Agreement (PDF)Agreements11-17-10

Tribal transit master agreement.

APPENDIX A Fiscal Year 2011 Annual List of Certifications and Assurances for Federal Transit Administration Grants and Cooperative Agreements (PDF)Agreements10-29-10

Description of how 49 U.S.C. 5323(n) applies to FTA assistance programs

Sample Agreements: FY 2011 Master Agreement (PDF)Agreements10-08-10

Sample FTA master agreement.

FY 2011 Master Agreement (MS Word)Agreements10-06-10

Tribal transit master agreement.

FY 2010 Triennial Review Workshops Top Areas of Findings for FY2009 (PowerPoint)Report,Workshop10-01-10

Fiscal year 2010 triennial review workshop top area findings of 2009 presentation.

Appendix B: Financial Capacity Documents (PDF)Agreements10-01-10

FTA mater agreement attachment.

TRACS Transcript - (09/10/2010) (PDF)Transcript09-10-10

TRACS Meeting transcript.

TRACS Transcript - (09/09/2010) (PDF)Transcript09-09-10

TRACS meeting transcript.

Transit Asset Management Practices: A National and International Review (PDF)Annual Report08-24-10

A national and international review of transit asset management practices.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Announces New Transit Rail Advisory Committee for Safety (MS Word)News Update,Rail Transit Vehicles and Systems,Safety06-23-10

Panel is charged with laying the groundwork for drafting national safety measures for rail transit.

National SGR Assessment (PDF)Report06-01-10

Report outlining the nation SGR among transit agencies.

National SGR Study (PDF)Annual Report06-01-10

National transit agency assessment of the state of good repair.

April 2010 Transit Research and Industry News Update (PDF)Information Sheet,Research Publication05-04-10

Complete update for 2010 on all current FTA research programs.

Evaluation of Ultra-Clean Fischer-Tropsch Diesel Fuel in Transit Bus Applications (PDF)Report04-08-10

Final report for the FT diesel fuel evaluation program.

Transit Operations Decision Support System (TODSS) Core Requirements Evaluation and Update Recommendations Report (PDF)Report04-06-10

TODSS core requirements evaluation and update recommendations.

FTA releases Audit of the Tri-State Oversight Committee and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (PDF)Report03-04-10

FTA audit of the tri-state oversight comittee and the WMATA.

January - February 2010 Transit Research and Industry News Update (PDF)News Update03-03-10

January - February 2010 transit research and industry news update for the FTA.

FY 2010 Financial Management Oversight Seminar Overview (PDF)Oversight,Seminar01-25-10

Description of the seminar purpose and who should attend as well as things that will be discussed.

December 2009 Transit Research and Industry News Update (PDF)News Update01-15-10

Transit research update detailing the research done by FTA in 2009.

November 2009 Transit Research and Industry News Update (PDF)News Update12-07-09

FTA 2009 transit research update.

October 2009 Transit Research and Industry News Update (PDF)News Update11-10-09

FTA 2009 transit research update.

FY 2010 FTA Program Updates and ARRA Phase II Presentation (PDF)Presentation,Proposal Profile,Report11-06-09

FTA region IV fiscal year 2010 updates and ARRA phase II presentation.

Miami Urban Partnership Agreement (UPA) Project Phase 1A – Transit Evaluation Report (PDF)Report11-01-09

Miami UPA project Phase 1 report.

East Tennessee Hydrogen Initiative - Chattanooga (PDF)Report10-15-09

ETHI program report to advance the understanding and use of hydrogen in public transit.

The EmX Franklin Corridor: BRT Project Evaluation (PDF)Report10-12-09

LTD BRT evaluation and expasion recommendation.

September 2009 Transit Research and Industry News Update (PDF)Report10-07-09

2009 FTA transit research update.

Collision Safety Improvements for Light Rail Vehicles Operating in Shared Right of Way Street Environments (PDF)Report09-30-09

Improving safety standards for vehicles

Electronic Fare Collection Options for Commuter Railroads (PDF)Report09-30-09

Study detailing how EPS systems might be implemented fr commuter railroads.

Highlights of FTA's Impact on Public Transportation (PDF)Report09-16-09

FTA presentation on transportation development.

August 2009 Transit Research and Industry News Update (PDF)News Update09-14-09

Outlines various publications and information released during 2009 for the FTA

Remote Infrared Audible Signage (RIAS) Pilot Program (PDF)Report09-01-09

Evalutation report of RIAS pilot program.

A Transit Methodology Using Six Sigma For Heavy Rail Vehicle Maintenance Programs (PDF)eport08-31-09

Maintenance Program information.

July 2009 Transit Research Update (MS Word)Report,Reports to Congress,Research Publication08-05-09

2009 FTA reseach update.

Administrator Rogoff's Hearing on Rail Modernization (PDF)Rail Transit Vehicles and Systems,Transcript08-03-09

Administrator provides testimony to Congress.

Moving Cooler: An Analysis of Transportation Strategies for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions (PDF)Annual Report,Report,Research Publication07-24-09

Executive summary detailing strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Washington State Ferries Wireless Connection High-Speed Data Project (PDF)Report07-09-09

WSF HSD project funded by FTA.

June 2009 Transit Research Update (MS Word)Report06-24-09

2009 transit research update.

Profiles of 511 Traveler Information Services (2009) (MS Word)Guidelines,Report06-23-09

511 infomration update for 2009 coverage and cost.

Feasibility Study on the Use of Personal GPS Devices in Paratransit (PDF)Information Sheet,Report05-27-09

Report detailing the pros and cons to GPS devices in paratransit.

United We Ride/Mobility Services for All Americans Joint Demonstration (South Carolina) (PDF)Report05-20-09

UWR/MSAA joint demonstration phase 1.

May 2009 Transit Research Update (MS Word)Report05-20-09

2009 transit research update.

Low-Speed Urban Maglev Research Program - Lessons Learned (2009) (PDF)Report05-08-09

Final report from the UML transit department focusing on lessons learned.

April 2009 Transit Research Update (MS Word)Information Sheet,Report,Research Publication05-07-09

Complete update for 2009 on all current FTA research programs.

Demonstration of Enhanced Transportation Models: Phase I – System Development and Design (Atlanta, Georgia) (PDF)Report04-29-09

Details about system development and design that will improve public transit.

Operational Test for the Implementation of Advanced Technologies in Rural Transit Service (Final Report) (PDF)Report04-28-09

Final evaluation and final report for the ECC.

Rail Modernization Study Report (PDF)Report,Reports to Congress04-27-09

Report to congress involving rail modernization.

Rail Modernization Study: Report to Congress (PDF)Report,Reports to Congress04-27-09

Report to congress with results of a study on rail modernization.

Day 1 - Lunch - ARRA (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

FTA ARRA presentation and introduction

Day 1 - PM - Intercity Bus Program (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

FTA intercity transit program overview.

Day 2 - AM - FY 2009 Grant Making Procedures (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

Fiscal year 2009 grant making dealine and procedure recap.

Day 2 - AM - Connecting Communities (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

onnectiong communities and emergency reporting FTA region IV presnetation.

Day 2 - AM - Civil Rights (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

FTA civil rights and ARRA 2009 programs presentation

Day 1 - Lunch - ARRA - Kentucky (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

Kentucy ARRA project slection and continuing fund processes

Day 2 - AM - State Management Review and Oversight (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

State management review fiscal year 2008 and beyond.

Day 1 - AM - Beyond the Recession - Mississippi (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

The effects of the recession in Mississippi and the measures the state is taking to counteract them.

2009 Success in Enhancing Ridership Awards (PDF)Award or Honor04-16-092009 Awards Ceremony was on May 4, 2009 at the APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference in Seattle, Washington. 
Day 1 - AM - Beyond the Recession - Kentucky (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

The effects of the recession in Kentucky as well as the measure the state is taking to counteract the effects.

Day 1 - AM - State DOT Atlanta Meeting_April 2009 - Welcome and Beyond the Recession (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

Schedule of events and guidelines for state recession presentations.

Day 1 - AM - Beyond the Recession - South Carolina (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

The effects of the recession in South Carlina and the measures the state is taking to counteract them.

Day 1 - PM - FTA Tracking and Transferring Funding (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-16-09

Tracking and transferring funding presentation.

Day 2 - AM - Grants Management (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-15-09

Grant mangement reporting and close outs.

Region IV State Programs Team Meeting Agenda - Atlanta, GA - April 2009 (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-15-09

FTA state programs meeting final agenda.

Day 1 - PM - Intercity Bus Consultation Letter (PDF)Meeting,Presentation04-09-09

RIPTA letter confirming that the intercity bus needs are met.

March 2009 Transit Research Update (MS Word)News Update04-02-09

2009 transit research update.

UWR/MSAA Demonstration of Coordinated Human Service Transportation Models: Phase 1 - System Development and Design M-ITS: Mart's Integrated Traveler Services (Massachusetts) (PDF)Report03-26-09

Fianl report for the UWR/MSAA demonstration of coordinated human service transit models.

Demonstration of Enhanced Human Service Transportation Models: Phase 1 - System Development and Design: The Purchase Area Regional Travel Management Coordination Center (TMCC) (PDF)Report03-23-09

This report provides a review of the policy, operations, technical design, and development of the Purchase Area fo TMCC for western Kentucky.

January - February 2009 Transit Research Update (MS Word)News Update03-03-09

January - February 2009 transit research update for all FTA research projects.

Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision-Making (2009) (PDF)Report,Research Publication02-09-09

CBRT report was prepared to provide transportation decision makers with information and data to support the development of bus rapid transit concepts

FY 2009 – FY 2013 (PDF)Report01-16-09

FTA multi-year research program plan.

Multi-Year Program Plan (FY 2009-2013) (PDF)Research Publication01-16-09

FTA multi year research program.

Report on the Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program (PDF)Reports to Congress01-02-09

Tramission letter and report on the JARC FTA program.

Report on the Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program (MS Word)Reports to Congress01-02-09

Transmission letter and report on the JARC FTA program.

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