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What is the difference between participants in the Interim Provisions for the Safety Certification Training Program and participants in the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan?

The Interim Provisions covers Federal, State, and other designated personnel who conduct safety audits and examinations of public transportation agencies and transit system personnel with direct safety oversight responsibility.
There is another group of transit employees to be trained under the “Transit Agency Safety Plan”; this group does not have direct safety oversight responsibility. Public Transportation Agencies must develop a Public Transportation Safety Plan (transit agency safety plan) that is approved by the board of directors of the transit agency and certified by the recipient or the State. The participants in this plan will most likely be required to take training required by their individual transit agency. A critical element of SMS is safety awareness at all levels of an organization. FTA is developing a one-hour Safety Management System Awareness course that will have universal applicability throughout the public transportation industry. Therefore, FTA is also encouraging that transit system personnel at all levels voluntary participate in the one-hour SMS Awareness training as it becomes available.

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