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What are the eligibility criteria for FTA-assisted joint development projects?

Joint development projects are eligible for FTA funding if they meet the following eligibility criteria:

Criterion 1 – Economic Benefit: Projects must either generate a positive economic impact in the community surrounding a transit facility or incorporate private investment to help pay for the project (see an example of how to satisfy this criterion in Question X).

Criterion 2 – Transit Benefit: Projects must either enhance the effectiveness of transit or enhance multi-modal coordination between transit and another transportation mode. Additionally, projects must have a physical or functional relationship to transit (see an example of how to satisfy this criterion in Question X).

Criterion 3 – Fair Share of Revenue: Projects must provide an amount of revenue to transit that is at least equal to the original FTA investment in the project. The “original FTA investment” is the dollar amount of FTA funding in the year of expenditure, not adjusted for inflation or the real estate market (see an example of how to calculate and satisfy the fair share of revenue threshold in Question XI and the exception to this criterion in Question XII).[1]

Criterion 4 – Fair Share of Costs: Non-transit tenants of a joint development in a transit facility must pay the project sponsor a fair share of the costs to build, operate, and maintain the occupied space.

[1] Calculating the fair share of revenue minimum threshold for a specific joint development project can be complicated. Please consult with your respective FTA Regional Office.

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