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Notice of Availability of Proposed New Starts and Small Starts Policy Guidance

Notice of availability of proposed policy guidance; request for comments.
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is announcing the availability of proposed policy guidance to sponsors of New Starts and Small Starts projects, and inviting comment on this proposed guidance, which has been placed both in the docket and on the agency's web site. This proposed policy guidance will accompany the final rule for Major Capital Investment Projects published elsewhere in this issue of the Federal Register. Specifically, this proposed policy guidance describes the particular measures FTA intends to apply in evaluating projects seeking New Starts and Small Starts funding and the way these measures would be used in project ratings, if adopted. The final rule establishes the framework for the New Starts and Small Starts evaluation and rating process; this proposed policy guidance complements the final rule by providing a deeper level of detail about the methods for calculating the project justification and local financial commitment criteria required for New Starts and Small Starts projects.


Closed on 03/11/2013
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