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Joint Development: Proposed Updated Circular

Notice of availability of update to joint development circular and request for comments.
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has placed in the docket and on its website proposed changes to an existing Circular (7050.1A) on joint development projects using FTA funds or FTA-funded property. The purpose of these proposed changes is to increase flexibility for project sponsors to pursue joint development projects, reduce FTA oversight of joint development agreements negotiated between project sponsors and their partners, streamline FTA's project eligibility review process, and clarify prior guidance in FTA Circular 7050.1A: FTA Guidance on Joint Development. If proposed changes are approved, the revised document will be renumbered as Circular 7050.1B: FTA Guidance on Joint Development. By this notice, FTA seeks public comment on proposed changes, which are at pages III-6, VI-1, VI-2, VI- 4, VI-5, and VI-6 of the Circular.


Closed on 06/03/2019
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