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Notice of Early Scoping for the Capital Metro Orange Line High Capacity Transit Corridor in Austin, Texas

Notice of early scoping meeting.
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) of Austin, Texas issue this early scoping notice to advise other agencies and the public that they intend to conduct early scoping for the Orange Line High Capacity Transit (HCT) Corridor. The Orange Line HCT Corridor is the 21-mile corridor used for Capital Metro's MetroRapid 801 from Tech Ridge to Southpark Meadows. The entire 21-mile corridor is being proposed for HCT dedicated pathways. This notice invites public input to ongoing planning efforts for the Orange Line HCT Corridor by commenting on the project's purpose and need, the project study area, alternatives being considered, public participation and outreach methods, relevant transportation and community impacts and benefits being considered, potential environmental impacts, and the projected capital and operating costs of the project.


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