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Limitation on Claims Against Proposed Public Transportation Projects

This notice announces final environmental actions taken by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's (VTA's) Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Silicon Valley Phase II Extension project in Santa Clara County, California. The project will extend the BART system from the Berryessa/ North San Jos[eacute] Station through downtown San Jos[eacute] to the Santa Clara Caltrain Station. The project will include design, construction, and future operation of a six-mile transit extension consisting of a five-mile-long single-bore tunnel; three transit stations in the City of San Jos[eacute], one transit station and a maintenance facility in the City of Santa Clara, and two ventilation structures along the alignment. The purpose of this notice is to announce publicly the environmental decisions by FTA on the subject project and to activate the limitation on any claims that may challenge this final environmental action.


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