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Discretionary Funding Opportunity: Zero Emission Research Opportunity

Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) and Request for Proposals (RFP).
This competitive solicitation is for the Zero Emission Research Opportunity (ZERO), administered by the Federal Transit Administration. Available funding is $2.75 million in FTA research funds and this solicitation also will establish eligibility for possible future funding, subject to Congressional appropriations and FTA funding approval, for ZERO. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the advancement, production, and deployment of zero emission public transportation vehicle technology and related infrastructure. FTA intends to select, and enter into cooperative agreements with, multiple (up to 3) nonprofit consortia to continue building on past research innovation and development efforts to facilitate the deployment of zero emission vehicles and associated advanced technology. Eligibility for future ZERO funding opportunities in fiscal years 2017-2020 will be limited to those nonprofit consortia selected under this fiscal year 2017 notice. Potential research partners such as transit agencies, other nonprofits, vendors, suppliers and systems integrators may work with multiple consortia. The Federal cost share of a project carried out under ZERO shall not exceed 80 percent.


Closed on 02/21/2017
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