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Notice of Buy America Waiver of Domestic Content Requirement for Minivans and Vans

Notice of Buy America public interest waiver.
In response to a formal petition from the Pace Suburban Bus Division of the Regional Transportation Authority (Pace) requesting a Buy America non-availability waiver to purchase 188 Dodge Caravan minivans for its vanpool program and informal requests from other FTA recipients for similar waivers, and because FTA has been unable to identify any minivan manufacturers who meet both the final assembly and domestic content requirements for non-ADA-accessible minivans, the Federal Transit Administrative (FTA) hereby waives its Buy America domestic content requirement for non-ADA-accessible minivans and vans. FTA's requirement for final assembly in the United States is not waived. This waiver applies to all contracts for the procurement of non-ADA-accessible minivans and vans entered into on or before September 30, 2019, or until a fully-compliant domestic source becomes available, whichever is earlier.


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