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Pilot Program for Expedited Project Delivery

Request for Expressions of Interest to Participate.
The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announces establishment of the Pilot Program for Expedited Project Delivery (Pilot Program) authorized by Section 20008 of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), Public Law 112-141, July 6, 2012, and solicits expressions of interest to participate. The Pilot Program is aimed at increasing innovation, improving efficiency and timeliness of project implementation, and encouraging new revenue streams for new fixed guideway projects and core capacity improvement projects. FTA plans to use the lessons learned from the Pilot Program to assist other project sponsors to develop more effective approaches to project planning, project development, finance, design, and construction. Additionally, FTA anticipates that the Pilot Program will help to identify impediments in current laws, regulations, and practices to the greater use of innovative project development and delivery methods or innovative financing arrangements. Participants selected for the Pilot Program may receive enhanced technical assistance and expedited FTA reviews to speed up planning, development, and delivery of eligible Capital Investment Grant (CIG) program projects and ultimately receive Full Funding Grant Agreements under that program. Should legislation be enacted for the Pilot Program that would allow projects to proceed outside of the normal CIG program processes and criteria, participants also may be able to receive a Full Funding Grant Agreement under the terms of that legislation. Lastly, participants selected for the Pilot Program also may benefit from technical assistance provided by the Department of Transportation's Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC). This announcement is available on the FTA's Web site at:


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