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Notice of Buy America Waiver for Track Turnout Components

Notice of Buy America Waiver.
In response to a request from the Long Island Rail Road Company (LIRR), a subsidiary of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), for a Buy America waiver for track turnout components, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) hereby waives its Buy America requirements for LIRR's procurement of the following track turnout components: Schwihag roller assemblies, Schwihag plates, ZU1-60 steel switch point rail sections, and movable point frogs. This waiver is limited to LIRR's procurement of these track turnout components for the nine (9) turnouts that LIRR needs for VHL03 LIRR Stage 3 of the East Side Access Project and the one (1) turnout that LIRR needs for VHL04 LIRR Stage 4 of the East Side Access Project. The turnouts themselves, however, are subject to FTA's Buy America requirements and, accordingly, the turnouts must be manufactured in the United States. This Buy America waiver does not apply to the track turnout components for Phase I of LIRR's Jamaica Capacity Improvements Project, and FTA will address that waiver request separately. Moreover, this Buy America waiver does not apply to the track turnout components for the Northeast Corridor Congestion Relief Project at Harold Interlocking, which is being addressed in a separate waiver decision published by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), as FRA funds are being used for that project.


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