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Notice of Proposed Buy America Waiver for the Pad and Rubber Boot of a Concrete Block Used in New York City Transit South Ferry Station's Low Vibration Track System

Notice of proposed Buy America waiver and request for comment.
New York City Transit (NYCT), an agency of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), has requested a Buy America waiver for the procurement of pads and rubber boots of a concrete block used in its Low Vibration Track (LVT) system on the basis of non-availability. The procurement for the pads and rubber boots are part of the South Ferry Station project. This notice is to inform the public of the waiver request and to seek public comment to inform FTA's decision whether to grant the request. If granted, the waiver would be limited to this one procurement for the South Ferry Station project. The waiver would be conditioned upon the requirement that NYCT must complete the safety testing of U.S.-manufactured pads and rubber boots necessary to meets its specifications within the timeframe provided herein, and to substitute U.S.-manufactured pads and rubber boots for the foreign-made pads and rubber boots to the extent possible.


Closed on 08/27/2014
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