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Notice of Request To Rescind Buy America Waiver for Minivans and Minivan Chassis; Extension of Comment Period

Notice of extension of comment period.
Chrysler Group LLC has requested that the comment period be extended for thirty (30) days, until October 4, 2012, on the Vehicle Production Group LLC's (VPG) request for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to rescind the Buy America non-availability waiver it issued on June 21, 2010, for minivans and minivan chassis. FTA disagrees that a 30-day extension is necessary to adequately provide comments on VPG's request. However, in order to ensure that FTA obtains a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of a potential rescission of this Buy America waiver and its effects, which necessarily involves input from all interested and affected parties, FTA is extending the comment period until September 11, 2012.


Closed on 09/11/2012
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