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Notice of Request to Rescind Buy America Waiver for Minivans and Minivan Chassis

Notice of request to rescind Buy America waiver and call for comments.
The Vehicle Production Group LLC (VPG) has asked the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to rescind the Buy America non- availability waiver it issued on June 21, 2010, for minivans and minivan chassis. According to VPG, it manufactures minivans and minivan chassis that comply with all Buy America requirements under 49 CFR 661.11, including the final assembly requirement that was the subject of the June 2010 waiver. FTA seeks public comment before deciding whether to grant the request. If granted, the waiver would no longer apply; all minivans and minivan chassis purchased with federal funds would have to comply with the final assembly requirement of 49 CFR 661.11.


Closed on 09/04/2012
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