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Drug & Alcohol MIS Reporting

DAMIS Internet Reporting

Submit your 2013 FTA Drug and Alcohol MIS results on-line.

How do I begin?

Grantees and State DOT offices

FTA sent a mailing to grantees and State DOT offices in late December. This mailing provides guidance for submitting your MIS results via the Internet or using paper forms. Included was a list of all known contractors/subrecipients for which you are responsible, along with individual user names and passwords that you and your contractors/subrecipients may use to submit your MIS results to FTA via the Internet.

If you are a grantee/State DOT and you did not receive a mailing, or if the list of your contractors/subrecipients was incorrect, please contact the FTA Drug and Alcohol MIS Project Office at (617)494-6336. The office will issue new user names and passwords as needed, and remove any contractors/subrecipients for which you are no longer responsible.

Contractors and subrecipients

Contractors and subrecipients should contact their Grantee or state, respectively to receive user names and passwords for Internet reporting. While paper forms will still be accepted, Internet reporting is strongly encouraged and easy to use!


Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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