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Environmental Decision Documents for Operational Projects

The table below lists environmental decision documents, such as Records of Decision (RODs) or Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSIs), which are required under regulations implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969. This list of projects represents a portion of FTA's environmental decision documents in recent years. Entries in this table include the operational projects that have been removed from the Environmental Decision Documents page.

  • FTA encourages grant applicants to post and maintain all project-related NEPA documents and environmental decision documents to a project website. FTA often links to those project websites.
  • All Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) are filed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and can be found in EPA's EIS Database along with the EISs from other federal agencies.

How to Use the Table

Access decision documents for specific projects by clicking the link next to it. Click on column headers to sort by column. 

Every attempt has been made to provide correct links and files in accessible formats. If you have difficulty accessing any document please contact the grant applicant or contact your FTA regional office for further assistance.

Environmental Decision Documents Table for Operational Projects

FTA Region Project Name Location Grant Application NEPA Decision NEPA Decision Date Decision Doc NEPA Doc
1 Park Street
Boston, MA Mass Bay Transp Auth FONSI 2009-12-29   PDF
1 WRTA Bus Operations and Maintenance
Worcester, MA Worc. Regional Transit Auth CE 2011-03-28 PDF  
1 Fitchburg
Commuter Rail Extension
Wachusett Station and Westminster Layover Facility
West Fitchburg, MA Montachusett Area Regional Transit Authority and Mass Bay Transp Auth FONSI 2010-10-01 PDF HTML
2 Pennsauken Junction Transit Center & Park-&-Ride
Camden, NJ New Jersey Transit FONSI 2009-10-05 HTML HTML
2 Fulton Street
Transit Center
New York, NY MTA ROD 2004-06-22 HTML HTML
2 North White Plains Parking Garage New York, NY MTA FONSI 2011-06-30 HTML  
2 World Trade
Center Permanent PATH Terminal
New York, NY Port Authority NY and NJ ROD 2005-06-29 PDF  
3 JD to Jones Hill
Double Tracking
Prince George's County, MD Maryland Transit Administration FONSI 2012-09-28 HTML PDF
3 Easton Intermodal Transportation
Easton, PA LAN Transp Auth FONSI 2010-07-21 PDF HTML
4 LeeTran Transit
Fort Myers, FL Lee County Transit FONSI 2006-08-31 PDF  
4 Jacksonville Bus
Rapid Transit
North Corridor
Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Transp Auth FONSI 2011-05-26 HTML HTML
4 Jacksonville Bus
Rapid Transit
Phase One Downtown
Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Transp Auth FONSI 2010-02-11   PDF
4 Charlotte
Streetcar Project
Charlotte, NC City of Charlotte FONSI 2011-06-22 PDF PDF
5 MetroLINK
Ferryboat Terminal
Moline, IL MetroLINK DCE 2015-06-08 PDF  
5 Silver Line Bus Rapid Transit Project Grand Rapids, MI The Rapid FONSI 2011-07-11   PDF
5 Central Corridor
Light Rail Transit Project
Minneapolis, MI Metropolitan Council ROD, Amended 2013-08-13 HTML HTML
5 Central Corridor
Light Rail Transit Project
Minneapolis, MI Metropolitan Council ROD 2009-08-18 PDF HTML
5 Central Corridor
Light Rail Transit Project
Minneapolis, MI Metropolitan Council FONSI 2010-02-26   HTML
5 Central Corridor
Light Rail Transit Project
Minneapolis, MI Metropolitan Council FONSI 2011-04-20 HTML HTML
5 Minneapolis Interchange Project Minneapolis, MI Metropolitan Council FONSI 2012-03-06 HTML HTML
5 Cincinnati Streetcar Project Cincinnati, OH City of Cincinnati FONSI 2011-06-10 HTML HTML
6 Galveston Downtown Transit Terminal/ Parking Facility Galveston, TX City of Galveston FONSI 2012-09-04 HTML HTML
6 Dallas Streetcar
Dallas, TX NCTCOG FONSI 2011-07-21 PDF  
6 Multimodal Transit Terminal/
Administration Building Project
San Angelo, TX Concho Valley Transit Distr FONSI 2008-12-23 PDF  
6 Westside Multimodal Transit Center - Phase II San Antonio, TX VIA Metropolitan Transit (VIA) FONSI 2012-08-24 HTML HTML
7 Kansas City Downtown Streetcar Project Kansas City, MO City of Kansas City FONSI 2012-10-30 HTML HTML
8 East Corridor Denver, CO Regional Transportation District (RTD) FONSI 2009-11-06 HTML HTML
8 I-225 Light Rail Transit Extension Denver, CO Regional Transportation District (RTD) FONSI 2011-09-22 PDF HTML
8 U.S. 36 Corridor Denver, CO Colorado DOT ROD 2009-12-22 HTML HTML
9 Tucson Modern Streetcar Tucson, AZ City of Tucson FONSI 2009-01-22 HTML  
9 Azusa Intermodal Transit Facility Azusa, CA Foothill Transit FONSI 2013-11-29   PDF
9 Baldwin Park
Transit Center Project
Los Angeles, CA City of Baldwin Park FONSI 2011-04-07 HTML  
9 Intermodal Transp Center & Runway Safety Area Restoration Los Angeles, CA Bob Hope Airport Auth FONSI 2011-03-15   HTML
9 Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit Project Los Angeles, CA LACMTA FONSI 2011-08-16 PDF PDF
9 sbX E Street Corridor Bus Rapid Transit Project San Bernardino, CA Omnitrans FONSI 2009-09-04 HTML  
10 Downtown Boise Multimodal Center Boise, ID Valley Regional Transit FONSI 2009-07-15   PDF
10 South Corridor: Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project Portland, OR TriMet ROD 2010-11-29 PDF HTML
Updated: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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