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Where can I take a class to learn how to be an FTA Grantee?

Where can I take a class to learn how to be an FTA Grantee?  We will be eligible for the first time for 5307 funding next year.

I don't know of any class like that.  But here are two e-mails that come to mind that will be helpful. The requirements for being an FTA grantee are extensive and very thorough because they are designed for FTA's oversight of very large amounts of money.

Invariably, small cities with or without transit agencies, prefer that an already-existing FTA grantee apply for the money on their behalf rather than become a grantee from scratch. 

I suggest that you talk first to your MPO, Designated Recipient and county transportation commission to learn what they'll want at the local and UZA levels.

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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