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Is There a List of Everything an Agency Has To Do To Become a Grantee?

Is there a list of everything an agency has to do to become a Grantee?

No. Even though I hear a lot about applications, requirements, regulations, changes, and the like, I've never been to a class that could teach someone how to apply for a grant, either. An agency must take a number of steps to become an eligible Grantee, first.

Each step is important:

Call Ms. Renee Marler, at (415) 744-3133, to learn what the legal requirements are for your agency.
Call Mr. Derrin Jourdan, at (415) 744-2729, to learn what the civil rights requirements are for your agency.
Call Ms. Ingrid Libao, at (415) 744-2731, to learn how to register with our finance and computer functions.

Applications must be submitted electronically on FTA's TEAM system.

Call Ms. Philis Yue, at (415) 744-2503, to learn how to get the required software.
Call Ms. Sigrid Jones, at (415) 744-2728, to learn how to get security PIN's for your staff, attorney, etc.

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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