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State Programs Information

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region IV Office created the State Programs Team in July 2007.  The team is responsible for planning, project development, grant making, and grant management for all State Departments of Transportation (DOT) within Region IV. The team was created to enhance the level of customer service to our State DOT partners through consultation and training of FTA-sponsored programs. 

Team DOT Liaisons and assignments:

Holly Peterson: Team Leader: 404-865-5637        

Kentucky TC
South Carolina DOT
Tennesee DOT

Richelle Gosman: 404-865-5478

Florida DOT

Valencia Williams: 404-865-5634

Georgia DOT and DHS
North Carolina DOT
Mississippi DOT 

Jorismar Torres: 787-771-2537

Virgin Islands DPW

Roxanne Ledesma: 404-865-5631

Alabama DOT

Region IV State DOT Transit Sections

FY 2016 SPT Annual Meeting – Atlanta, GA


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Updated: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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