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Region IV Trainings, Workshops & Conferences

FTA conducts workshops and training across the country for grantees each year to help broaden their understanding of the federal rules and regulations as well as how to comply with FTA program requirements. See below for workshops and trainings planned for Region IV. 

Past Webinars

Region IV is ‘excited’ to offer ‘virtual’ procurement training program to its recipients & sub-recipients. ‘Procurement’ continues to be an area plaguing our region, and the agency, across various reviews. Region IV is asking your help in reducing the number of procurement deficiency’s noted during various reviews and encourage you to take advantage of the ‘Region IV “Virtual” Procurement Training.’ Our desire is to provide you with current information and ‘tools’ to avoid the more common pitfalls. The training sessions are formatted as ‘one-on-one’ training environments for each individual regional recipient and their subs. The training is delivered via ‘MS Teams.’

See what recipients that have taken the training are saying:

  • much thanks for the training last week. That was very valuable……….Tampa Bay Area RTA, FL
  • everyone enjoyed the training and now they see why I ask a lot of questions on certain projects……….SWRTA, SC
  • The training session format was very good. We went over our review deficiencies and were allowed time to ask questions about any other procurement concerns. The slideshow and Adobe Connect worked very well. Thanks to you and Mr. Sperty for your time and expertise. (Please have more)……….ALDOT, AL
  • Thanks again for the training – definitely beneficial……….FDOT, FL
  • The training was very helpful!.........RPCGB, AL
  • It was Great!  It was to the point, informative, just the right amount of information for the time. I learned new information,……….Palm Beach, FL 

Contact the Region IV Procurement Specialist to schedule: or 404.865.5641

Last updated: Tuesday, January 12, 2021