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Huntsville Coordinated Planning and United We Ride Workshop

On February 27 and 28, FTA Region IV staff conducted a workshop to discuss United We Ride Initiatives and the SAFETEA-LU requirement for the development of coordinated human service-public transportation plans.  The workshop was held in Huntsville, Alabama and attracted over 70 transportation stakeholders from Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, including representatives from the state Department of Transportations (AL, MS, TN), Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS), Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), as well as stakeholders from the local public transit agencies, MPOs, and local governments.  Bob Jilla, Bureau Chief for ALDOT Transportation Planning and Modal Programs, Irene Collins, Commissioner for the ADSS, and Charles Carr, Director of Public Transportation for the Mississippi Department of Transportation, were also in attendance.  It should also be noted that this workshop was the first of it's type nationwide.

Topics discussed during the workshop included:

  • United We Ride:  One Vision-One Call Campaign
  • CCAM Policies- Coordinated Planning and Vehicle Sharing
  • FTA Programs - JARC, NF, and 5310 & SAFETEA-LU Requirements
  • Statewide Approaches toward Coordinated Planning from Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Birmingham urbanized area

Links to the presentations used during the 2-day workshop can be found below.

For any questions regarding this workshop or these topics, please contact Jamie Pfister or James Garland or

Small Urbanized Area Notes From Break Out (MS Word)

Urbanized Area Notes From Breakout (MS Word)

United We Ride Technical Assistance Tools (PDF)
Mississippi Statewide Coordinated Plan Approach (PDF)
Statewide Coordinated Plan: Alabama Regional Councils (PDF)
Local Approaches: Birmingham MPO Presentation (PDF)
SAFETEA-LU Guidelines & Coordinated Planning Guidance (PDF)

Updated: Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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