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TAM Extension Deadline

Date: 9/20/2018
Number: 2018-11

On October 1, 2018, every Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recipient that operates public transportation must have a Transit Asset Management (TAM) plan.  If a recipient is unable to meet this requirement because of circumstances beyond its control, the TAM rule allows transit operators to request an extension from FTA prior to September 30, 2018. 

The TAM Plan’s primary purpose supports informing decision makers about the State of Good Repair for your agency’s capital assets. For future reference, plan elements will be part of the NTD reporting process.  Additionally, the plan must be available for review during the FTA’s ongoing oversight process, for example, the Comprehensive Reviews (formerly known as the Triennial).  TAM requirements will be incorporated into the Master Agreements for direct recipients through the Certification and Assurances process.

If your agency determines that it will not meet the October 1 deadline for having a TAM plan, FTA Region 3 should be contacted immediately.  A completed TAM plan or an extension approved by FTA is required for a recipient to self-certify and maintain eligibility to receive grants from FTA. 

If there is any chance you foresee the need for an extension, FTA must receive your request for an extension prior to October 1, 2018.  Please contact Anne Marie Resnick by email at or by phone at 215-656-7249. 

While a formal extension request in writing may be received after October 1, 2018, initiating such requests must occur prior to the deadline. 

The formal request letter should include the following:

1) Reason(s) for not making the October 1 deadline

2) Detailed plan to achieve compliance

3) Timeline for achieving compliance, including date of compliance

4) Communication with MPO/RPA and/or State DOT planning partner (see below)

5) Signature of Accountable Executive.

In addition, a TAM plan or an extension is required by the October 1 deadline so that Metropolitan and/or State planning bodies may update or amend Transportation Improvement Plans (TIPs) and State Transportation Improvement Plans (STIPs).  This is a requirement of the joint FHWA/FTA Performance Based Planning and Programming (PBPP) rule. 

Please note that regardless of the completion of a TAM plan or a request for an extension, FTA will not approve an update or amendment to the TIP or STIP after October 1, 2018 unless the planning products to be amended reflect the performance based planning process (i.e. TAM performance measures).

FTA’s Office of Planning and Environment offers technical assistance to help Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and State Departments of Transportation address the performance provisions using data from FTA’s National Transit Database (NTD) for regional partners, in lieu of transit agency provided data.  Please contact your FTA Region III Community Planner or grant representative if you need further information.

Further information is available on the FTA TAM homepage, as well as the helpful links below:

FTA Checklists:

On another topic, as reminded by FTA’s continued response to Hurricane Florence, FTA Region 3 encourages transit agencies that have been or may be impacted by natural disasters to add their name to the Emergency Relief docket and to contact Region 3 immediately.  Please contact Katie Berrillo by email at or by phone at 215-656-7257. 

Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2018
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