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FTA Emergency Relief Program Update

Date: 9/7/2017
Number: 2017-10

Grantees and subgrantees may assist with evacuations or other movement of people that might otherwise be considered charter transportation when that transportation is in response to an emergency declared by the President, governor, or mayor, or in an emergency requiring immediate action prior to a formal declaration.  Keep records of transportation services provided to evacuees and the cost of these services as they may be reimbursed by FTA or FEMA.

Additional guidance is provided in the Federal Register Notice to Establishment of Emergency Relief Docket for Calendar Year 2017 related to the temporary relief from FTA administrative and statutory requirements.  For example, 5307 or 5311 funds awarded to address an emergency could be subject to the waiver of statutory and administrative requirements if the requirements limit the ability of a grantee/subgrantee to respond to an emergency.

FTA also provides guidance on FTA's Emergency Relief (ER) Program and is intended for states and transit agencies that may be affected by a declared emergency or disaster and may seek funding under FTA's ER Program.  This document also provides information on other disaster relief resources available through FTA and from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The ER Program guide has an excellent summary of Frequently Asked Questions beginning on Page 59. 

If an emergency situation occurs, the following information will be needed daily:

  1. Emergency service provided
  2. Number of evacuees
  3. Major location of evacuations (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)
  4. Status of regular service
  5. Any damage to vehicles and facilities
  6. Any impacts to drivers and employees
  7. Any assistance or need from FTA or other grantees

This information will be relayed to the U.S. Department of Transportation Crisis Management Team.

Please send your updates to Katherine Berrillo at and copy and

Updated: Friday, September 15, 2017
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