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Updated Region 10 Contacts for Grantees (2014)

Number 2014-07

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide updated grantee assignment and the corresponding Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant representatives’ contact information.

Due to staffing changes over the past year, FTA Region 10 has made some adjustments to grantee assignments. While the majority of the grantees will see no change to their assigned FTA grant representative (the initial point of contact for grantees working on grants development and management issues), these adjustments will ensure overall workload balancing and that we continue to provide high level of customer service and attention to our grantees.

Enclosed is a matrix that lists all of Region 10’s active grantees, by State and in alphabetical order, and their corresponding FTA grant representatives. We are also providing the current Regional organizational chart for your information.

Region10 staff will be in contact with you in the near term to inform you of any changes and begin working with you to provide assistance as needed.

At times, however, a different FTA Region 10 staff member other than your assigned grant representative may be tasked to process a grant for your agency. Our objective is to facilitate the most expeditious approval of your grant. In these limited cases, the newly assigned staff member will be your point of contact for all issues pertaining to that grant, and your regularly assigned grant representative may assist, as needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Region 10’s Amy Changchien at 206-220-4464 or


/R.F. Krochalis/

R.F. Krochalis 
Regional Administrator

Encl: Grantee Assignment Matrix 
          Region 10 Organizational Chart

Updated: Friday, March 18, 2016
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